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Facial in Ithaca, NY

If you are concerned about your skin becoming dehydrated, too oily or not looking as good as you would like, a facial may be the ticket to a fresher, younger look.

Stress, alcohol, fatigue, sun exposure, poor diet, pollution and exposure to wind can cause your skin to dry out. In other cases, dry facial skin is a byproduct of the natural aging process.

A facial can help repair damaged skin, moisturize and protect your skin for the future. During your European Facial, we will:

  • Thoroughly cleanse your skin
  • Exfoliate
  • Apply Steam and do extractions as needed
  • Apply a customized serum & treatment mask
  • Massage your, face, neck and décolleté with moisturizer/treatment oil
  • Apply sunscreen as needed

FACIAL – European Facial (Deep Cleansing Facial ) 1 hr. $120
A luxurious deep cleansing with products adapted to your skins needs is followed by an application of concentrated botanicals in a vial. A face, neck and decollete massage with antioxidant treatment oil completes the process to give you a clear, radiant, youthful complexion.

Eye Treatment 30 min $55 or $45 as an add-on to another skincare treatment.
This eye treatment prevents slackening of the delicate tissues surrounding the eyes, fades dark circles, reduces puffiness, decongests eyelids and diminishes fine lines. Extremely relaxing and very effective, it is enhanced with specialized massage techniques to give your eyes a youthful relaxed look.

FACIAL – Mens’ Energizing Facial 1 hr. $120
Exclusively designed for men, this treatment addresses their specific skin concerns, such as irritation caused by shaving, dryness, or oiliness and in-grown hairs. A thorough cleansing with treatment products adapted to your skin’s needs is followed by an application of concentrated botanicals in a vial. The result is a cleaner, firmer, healthier-looking complexion.

FACIAL – Glycolic Facial 1hr $120
Perfect for sun-damaged, aging, or oily skin. Glycolic acid acts as a rapid exfoliator sloughing off dead skin cells that impede moisturization and clog pores, diminishing superficial wrinkles, rough skin, pigmentation, and age spots. Pores appear tighter and blackheads disappear.

FACIAL – Hydrating Facial 1 hr. $120
This treatment is for dry and dehydrated skin. This treatment combines a duo Serum/Capsule, a double mask and Sothys’ unique digital relaxation massage to provide the client with the latest in ultimate hydration and smoothness. Instantly restores suppleness and freshness, leaving the skin radiant and soft. Your skin’s hydration level will be raised by 183% in just four treatments.

FACIAL – Age Prevention Lifting Facial 1 hr. $120
This treatment is for anti-wrinkle and firming. It gives 72% improvement in wrinkles and lines from the very first treatment. Good for skin regeneration, skin defense, and strengthening of elastic tissues. Produces a “lift” action and repairing due to the inclusion of firming antioxidants of oat, soya, pea, and milk bio proteins. Reinforces the cell barrier defense mechanism with plant ceramides and plant extracts.

FACIAL – Oxygenating Facial 1 hr. $120
Imagine bubbles of oxygen sinking into your skin, stimulating your cells with flows of energy, revitalizing your complexion. Restore radiance and vitality depleted by stressors such as pollution, frequent travel, or tobacco. Combining astringent plants, wheat protein and Phytovital, this treatment increases cellular oxygen absorption, in turn increasing energy production, eliminating impurities, moisturizing and tightening the skin.


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