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Ithaca, NY

Eyelash Extensions in Ithaca, NY

We have an esthetician at Alta Spa who is trained and licensed by Daniel Phu Dinh, the Hollywood eyelash guru himself, in his patented technique – the first and only US patented method for Multi-Layer Eyelash Extensions.

What is the difference between Longmi Lashes and others:

All others use a single layer method. The extensions are placed on the top layer of the eyelashes. With the multi-layer, the lashes are applied to various levels of the existing lashes. (The multi-layer technique gives the lashes movement - that is it allows the lashes to move individually.)

Introductory Eyelash Extension Sets: Not quite ready to commit? Try these introductory sets.

Trial Cat Eye Look $85 "Accentuate your eyes with lashes applied to the outer corners of your eyes".
Teaser $100 Add a few lashes to give some length and definition to your existing lashes to see how much you like it.

(If you decide to have a full set applied within one week of this service, the cost will be applied to the regular price of "Diva Supreme", "Classic Chic" or "Classic Glamour")


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