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Dreadlocks in Ithaca, NY

Dreadlocks are a popular and unmistakable hairstyle throughout the world. Men and women of any ethnicity and with any type of hair can grow healthy dreadlocks with a little help, which is what Alta Spa in Ithaca, NY specializes in.

Dreadlocks are not a new hairstyle by any means – they have been around for many years. In fact, early examples of dreadlocks were found in North Africa and ancient Egypt. The hairstyle was also popular among ancient Hindu, Greek, and other popular religions.

Today, people choose to have dreadlocks for a number of reasons, whether religious, ethnic, or simply a personal fashion preference. Whatever the reason, dreadlocks are usually formed intentionally, and it’s a good idea to have a salon like Alta Spa that can help you through the process to make sure your hair remains undamaged.

There are many misconceptions about dreadlocks, perhaps the biggest one being that people with dreadlocks don’t wash their hair. This is definitely not the case, as it takes proper washing and care to maintain long-lasting, healthy dreadlocks.

It is true that not brushing or cutting your hair will encourage it to tangle and grow together, forming dreadlocks. This method, which is often referred to as the “neglect” method, works for some people, but still requires regular care and proper grooming, all of which Alta Spa can help with.

For those who are unable to simply let their hair grow into dreads naturally, there are other options. At Alta Spa, our experienced staff members use a variety of tools to help form your hair into dreadlocks. We may braid or twist your hair into ropes in order to help the dreadlocks take form. From there, we can also help with maintenance of your dreadlocks and removal once you’re ready to switch to a new hairstyle.

If you want to learn more about the dreadlock services we offer, call Alta Spa in Ithaca, NY to set up an appointment.

Dreadlocks in Ithaca, NY


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