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Brazilian Wax in Ithaca, NY

Since it was first introduced in America in 1987, Brazilian waxing has become one of the most popular grooming options in the country. Many women report feeling cleaner, sexier and more erotically confident after they are waxed.

A Brazilian wax is essentially a more extreme version of a bikini wax. Instead of simply removing the hair that would be seen while in a swimsuit, we take off everything on top, behind and in between.

Some women choose to have a small amount of hair, known as a landing strip, remain, while others choose to have all of their pubic hair removed.

We perform our Brazilian waxing in individual rooms to preserve your privacy. While there is some pain involved, particularly the first time, we minimize your discomfort by having the process performed as quickly as possible.

We will apply warm wax to your pubic region and then press a piece of cloth over the wax. When the wax hardens, it will stick to both your hair and the cloth. The cloth and wax are then quickly removed, leaving your pubic area smooth and silky. Once your hair has been removed, we will apply soothing lotion to help your skin become less irritated.

It will take several weeks for your hair to start growing back, and you will feel more feminine from the moment you walk out the door.


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